Te Pā Oranga

We are working with our partners to build a new wellness centre that will provide a community-led, kaupapa Māori support for tamariki and rangatahi.  Te Pā Oranga will be built on papakainga land in Te Hauke, Central Hawke’s Bay, to provide our tamariki and rangatahi with a place to rest and heal their tinana, hinengaro and wairua. 

How will it work?  

The centre will help us to deliver a preventative residential programme which will be led from a kaupapa Māori perspective, placing whānau, wellness and tikanga Māori at the centre.  The design and delivery of this wellbeing approach will be guided by Professor Sir Mason Durie’s Te Whare Tapa Whā model. 

The whare will have the capacity for 8-10 tamariki and rangatahi who will reside at the whare for five nights a week for up to six months (attending school or training during the day). On weekends, they will return home or participate in Te Taitimu cultural wellness progammes with their whānau.

At full capacity, the whare will be run by three kaimahi who will live in the whare and be responsible for the delivery of the programme. Every week, the kaimahi will facilitate a meeting with each young person and, where appropriate, their whānau to assess their progress towards wellness according to Te Whare Tapa Whā.  Depending on the individual needs of each young person, this is likely to also involve a multi-disciplinary team approach including kaumatua and other health and education service providers. 

When the young person’s stay at the whare has come to an end, the whare kaimahi will work with the tamariki/rangatahi, their whānau and the services involved in their care to plan for their transition home. Te Taitimu will remain in regular contact after they leave the whare and provide ongoing support as needed.

What will be the key outcomes and impacts?

The key outcomes of Te Pā Oranga will include:

In essence Te Pā Oranga will help us to lead a new way forward where we can:

Kai together
Work together
Karakia together
Have fun activities together 
Learn together 
And plan our lives together. 

Each day is about routine 
It’s about responsibility to yourself first
Responsibility to the kaupapa of wellbeing 
Responsibility to each other
Taking a collective approach
Identifying learning and employment opportunities locally

Kia ora
Zack Makoare
Chief Executive Officer
Te Taitimu Trust

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